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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Well, I must be honest. I believe that on Day 10, Thursday, June 12th, 2008, I left a wee bit of my soul on the Island of Skye.

Wednesday, June 11th was devoted to exploring the beautiful island of Skye.

Anyone who has made it to Day 8 on this particular blog will realize by now that I am a certified History Nut. (Really, I have a card in my wallet, and everything.) Touring Scotland and walking in the footsteps of legends – how can words describe what that meant to me? Each day brought with it the chance to retrace the adventures of the past, and to fall into the magical… Read More

On Tuesday morning,  June 10th,  we checked out of the Bunchrew House and said our farewells to Peter, our faithful bartender and butler.  Before getting on the road for the day, we made sure to get down to the dining room in time for breakfast. Once again, our accommodations did not disappoint. What I really enjoyed about breakfast at Bunchrew was that the dining room overlooked the Beauly Firth. Don’t get me… Read More

In spite of the fact that we were in Scotland for two weeks, there is a lot of it that we DIDN’T get to see. Northern Scotland would fall into that category. A whole month probably wouldn’t suffice to see everything in Scotland, but I did, at least, earmark one day for a day trip north of Inverness. Our destination for the day was Dunrobin Castle, near the village of Golspie, on… Read More

Breakfast at Castle Stuart (Sunday, June 8th) was another special occasion. There was enough food on hand to feed both of the armies of Culloden, and only four of us on hand to eat it.

We rose early on the morning of Saturday, June 7th, in time for breakfast at our hotel. We were beginning to get an idea of what a “traditional” Scottish breakfast was all about. Most places usually served a first course of porridge. Yes, oatmeal, but not the Quaker Instant variety. Scottish porridge is delicious; very hearty and filling, and the perfect way to get energy for a day of sightseeing. The porridge… Read More

On the morning of Friday, June 6th, we had to wake ourselves up early for the first time on the trip. Most of the wonderful places that the we lodged in offerred a special breakfast, and Ethie was no exception. Check-out time was 10:30, and breakfast at 9:00, so with a little bit of effort I rolled out of bed and took a shower. (Which I had no trouble with, incidentally, but… Read More

On the morning of Thursday, June 5th we ate our favorite pastry hangout on Grassmarket, checked out of the Apex, and hailed a cab. We were heading back to the Edinburgh airport, to the Arnold Clark car rental company. The next leg of our journey was about to begin. This involved driving across Scotland. Being adventurous people, equipped with a good map and a Garmin Nuvi GPS, we felt confident that we… Read More

Our second day in Edinburgh, Scotland dawned bright and clear. I was expecting more of the drizzle that we’d had on the previous day, so it was a pleasant surprise to be greeted with a blue sky and lots of sunshine on the morning of Wednesday, June 4th.

We arrived in Edinburgh on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008, sometime around 10:00 in the morning. The flight from Newark was mostly uneventful. Glenn was able to sleep (he can sleep anywhere), but I think I was too excited to get more than a few minutes of real REM in. The fun began after we disembarked, and I realized that my luggage was still in Newark . Or somewhere.