I love to travel; I think I get this from my Sicilian grandfather, who I swear must have had a Gypsy ancestor or two. He was well known for waking up at 6:30 in the morning and saying “Andiamo!”, or something to that effect, and we’d be packed in the station wagon and making the six hour drive to Miami before we could form our protests. I think I inherited a behavior or two from him, one of which is this attitude of Let’s Go! It’s not always convenient, and sometimes it can be scary – but I find that it’s always worth the effort in the end, to stretch myself to see new horizons.

Sometimes that means being at a spot on the map where I’d never – ever – imagined that I would be standing, like the day I was at Merom Golan in Israel, looking over into Syria; but sometimes that just means parking the Airstream three miles from home, and hanging out with Glenn and Charley (husband and golden retriever, in that order) for the weekend. But always it means making the effort to Just Go.

It’s the “going” that’s important, no matter where your destination.

I hope you enjoy reading about some of ours.

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